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Say No to CBDC

Resist the temptation of this proposed Central Bank Digital Currency!

While I am Pro-Bitcoin & I can get excited about certain cryptocurrency projects in the blockchain, web3 space, I am whole-heartedly against this idea of a US CBDC. The reason for this is that this CBDC is being introduced and rolled out as a form of control from the government - which is not a good representation or use-case for the amazing technology of blockchain and all the innovation that can spring forth from it. Using technology in underhanded ways, and to further the surveillance of citizens all over the world is exactly what is to be expected from big government.

I wont launch into a tirade over political leanings and all the rest, but what I will do is layout a few of the reasons this is a bad idea for us as the citizenry of America. First off, I would like to remind everyone that we are not ‘subjects’ - we are citizens - people. Subjects are referred to as that because they are ‘subjected’ to the whims of the ruling royals, and over here in these United States, we have liberties and rights.

Recently these rights are being ripped away from us in the name of all sorts of throw-offs. We will hear that if ‘we as citizens are doing nothing wrong, we shouldn’t be worried about be surveilled and having our every move clocked and tracked’, as is the case with the proposed CBDC, but another easy example is the Patriot Act, which was crafted and put in place conveniently after September 11 2001. But since then it has been a pretty steady stream of lost liberty and freedoms across the board - the most recent is the attack on the freedom of speech, and the social media tech giants walking in lock step with big government to censor the speech of Americans, and people all over the world. I wont even get into the ‘lock-downs’ and forced vax of Covid for now - but you see where I’m going with this.

The war on cash has been ongoing for quite a few years, and ever since the birth of my beloved Bitcoin in 2008 the US government, and tyrannical governments world-wide have been formulating their own bastardized surveillance capitalism versions of digital currency. When they take the cash, we are basically leaving ourselves open to having our money treated like a social media post - As a side note, and a very disturbing fact is the largest holder of Bitcoin is actually - unsurprisingly The US Government.

We will be lied to as usual as to the reasoning behind the government essentially forcing us to take part in the Central Banking Digital Currency - the same way the Communist Chinese have been doing - seems like today as long as those that lie to us lie with a smile and allow people to smoke pot and ‘be merry’ everything else is irrelevant. There are many younger people that do not remember or have never known freedom in this country, but I must say in my opinion something awfully sinister is happening, and it is happening fast, from many angles. This whole business of BRICS walking away from the American dollar and using the dollar to transact outside of here is a big blow that hasn’t been reported on at all. The media is too busy lying and misleading the public with fueling the racial divide in this country and employing MK Ultra-like

propaganda on people. I stay current with my knowledge of things, but TV I do not watch. I like to be in charge of how and what I think, rather than have the networks program me on how to think about a thing. Because critical thinking has taken a back seat to hate recently, my expectations are low in regards to resisting the adoption of the US CBDC - but I felt I must inform at least one or two people of the intentions of this use case - it is only a stronger form of control for the government. Don't let them take your cash, your privacy. And especially, dont willingly hand it over to them.

Stay informed, keep working hard & Carpe Diem

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