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The Tik Tok Ban Bill -- Banning much more than Tik Tok

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

My friends, good morning. Once again our rulers have decided to take a shot and grab more of our freedom here in America - the proposed Tik Tok Bill is yet another clever creation of legislation. By putting Tik Tok in the forefront (which I agree is a problem, regarding espionage from a foreign government) the US will try to censor and fine, and in some cases jail users for accessing certain apps. By, oh who will watch the watchers? Many people in our society seem so wrapped up in the first world problems of America that they are missing the bigger picture, which is of course, if we do not protect the freedoms that got us this far, we will have no freedom to speak of. Freedom is a weird and amazing thing we have in America, andthe only way it could ever be taken, is if society is tricked into it through fear, which is always the weapon of choice by our ruling class and the media. I want to hear some of our Tech Leaders sound off, and where are all of my devs at?? No way you like what is happening!! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. #matrixIRL

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